RRRollipop® schauen!

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"RRRollipop schauen" Renate Schenkel-Lerners display of the collection RRR came to an end in winter of 2019, after being shown for 17 years on the premisies of Nostalgiewelt Eggenburg.


The collection RRR is unique! more than 140 scooters and cabin scooters built in Europe during the postwar period of the 1950´s and -60´s, passionately compiled by Erich Schenkel & NG Mylius and carefully maintained by a group of enthusiastic friends**.


After her father´s passing in 2002 Renate inherited a plentitude of the small RRR vehicles and, together with NG Mylius, opened the exhibition „Rollipop schauen“ as part of the Nostalgiewelt Eggenburg.


Now, that the exhibition is closed, NG keeps his part of the collection at his home and Renates´will be auctioned off at the renowned Austrian Dorotheum on Friday July 10, 2020 at 1 pm.


Possibly the lovingly preserved scooters and bubble cars will be shown off at international rallyes and summerly outings by their new owners in the years to come.


NG Mylius
Friedrich Mader
Franz Kapper †
Christoph Mylius der Ältere
Erich Bley
Christoph Mylius, Sohn
Eduard Tomek
Helmut Speiser und
„Spontan“ Gernot Schönleitner




RRRollipop® schauen in Eggenburg´s World of Nostalgia
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