RRRollipop® schauen!

Puchi1 am 22. Seiberer22nd Seiberer mountain rallye
April 29

RRR joined with NSUs & Puchs

RRR2007Tourist Trophy

Erich Bley,
NG Mylius & Christoph Mylius starting for RRR

May 14

14th FIVA World Motorcycle Rally

RRR crossing the Peloponnes, starting form Loutraki

May 16 - 20

Oldtimer exhibit in Tulln

RRR and

numerous Clubs showed their Puchs
May 19 & 20

7th EOKC


June 9 & 10
The RRR 703 APT joined in!

11th Microcar- gathering in Manresa & crossing the Pyrrenäes....

June 4 - 10

Goggo Fourgonette
seen in Manresa. Info & history by NG Mylius

JanusShirt50 years of Zündapp Janus

NG and ouRRR Janus of 1958

June 22 - 24 in Nürnberg

die 3 fotogenen31st Lionrallye

3 dwaRRRfs en-route from Eggenburg to Czechia
June 26 to July 1

RRReneé im TRRR1Vacation á la Fifties

reexperienced by RRReneé und 7 more Puchs
July 3 - 8

Zwutschki Pomali Die 5teZwutschki Pomali the 5th

more than 50 micros en-route across the Waldviertel
August 26

50 Jahre Puch 5001957 - 2007

Anniversary of Austrias Puch 500!

Last weekend of Septemer

Felber auf PilgerreiseFelber and Libelle on the Way of St. James in Spain -
NG´s résumé

 A Saturday with

Steyr Puch Club

October 6

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